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Simulation and Application of Anti-backlash Technique with Dual-motor in Tandem Manipulators

JIANG Yong;ZHANG Wei;LIU Xiaoyuan;JIN Bopi   

  1. State Key Laboratory of Robotics,Shenyang Institute of Automation,Chinese Academy of Sciences,Shenyang,110016
  • Online:2020-08-25 Published:2020-09-17



  1. 中科院沈阳自动化所机器人学国家重点实验室,沈阳,110016
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Abstract: Typical nonlinear backlashes widely existed in the robot servo systems. In order to reduce the backlash's impacts on system performance, tandem manipulator adopted anti-backlash technology with dual-motor master-slave drives. Firstly, nonlinear elastic dead-zone model of the backlash was establish based on the basic principles and structure of dual-motor backlash system. Then, the Simulink model which used dual-motor bias torque control strategy for anti-backlash was establish,according to the dynamics formula based on the dual-motor system, and the algorithm framework and servo system hardware circuit schematic of the system were given at the same time.Finally, the principle of emulation was carried out, based on the engineering design actual parameters, the tandem manipulator system was verified, which used the dual-motor anti-backlash technology for accuracy test through laser tracker. Simulation and experimental results show that: the mathematical model reflects the basic characteristics of the actual systems, the end accuracy of the tandem manipulator whose workspace is 4.5 m reaches 1.2 mm, that meets performance requirements of the engineering applications.

Key words: dual-motor, anti-backlash, manipulator, accuracy

摘要: 典型非线性齿隙广泛存在于机器人伺服系统中,为了减小齿隙对系统性能的影响,对串联机械臂采用双电机主从驱动消隙技术。首先基于双电机消隙系统的基本原理及结构建立了齿隙弹性死区非线性模型;然后根据双电机系统的动力学推导公式,建立了所采用的双电机偏置力矩消隙控制策略的Simulink模型,并给出了系统的算法框架及伺服系统硬件电路原理;最后根据实际工程设计参数数据进行原理仿真,并通过激光跟踪仪对采用双电机消隙技术的串联机械臂系统进行精度测试实验验证。仿真及实验结果表明:建立的数学模型能够反映实际系统的基本特性;工作空间为4.5 m的串联机械臂末端精度达到1.2 mm,满足工程应用性能指标要求。

关键词: 双电机, 消隙, 机械臂, 精度

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