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Weld Formation of High Strength Steels by Low-power Pulsed Laser Induced Mental Active Gas Hybrid Welding in Overhead Positions

LIU Liming;CHEN Liang;SONG Gang   

  1. Key Laboratory of Liaoning Advanced Welding and Joining Technology, Dalian University of Technology, Dalian, Liaoning, 116024
  • Online:2020-09-10 Published:2020-09-30



  1. 大连理工大学辽宁省先进连接技术重点实验室,大连,116024
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Abstract: A low-power pulsed laser induced metal active gas(MAG) arc hybrid welding tests in overhead positions were carried out for 5mm thick E36 high strength steel plates. The results show that heat input of laser induced MAG arc hybrid welding is 29% lower than that of single arc welding. By reducing weld pool sizes, hybrid welding may effectively inhibit the formation of concave defects, and then increase the processsing parameter ranges. Tensile tests and bending tests show that the welding joints without internal concave defects have good static tensile strength and bending load. Static tensile strength of the welding joints with internal concave is equivalent to the base metal, but the maximum bending load is significantly reduced.

Key words: impulse laser welding, arc welding, high strength steel, overhead position welding, mechanics property

摘要: 针对5 mm厚E36高强钢板材,开展了低功率脉冲激光诱导熔化极活性气体保护电弧复合仰焊试验。研究结果表明:相比于熔化极活性气体保护电弧焊,激光诱导熔化极活性气体保护电弧复合焊接接头的焊接热输入可降低29%。复合焊接通过减小焊接熔池尺寸,可有效抑制内凹缺陷的产生,进而增大工艺参数区间。拉伸和弯曲试验表明,无内凹缺陷接头具有良好抗拉强度和弯曲载荷;有内凹缺陷接头抗拉强度与母材相当,但最大弯曲载荷显著降低。

关键词: 脉冲激光焊, 电弧焊, 高强钢, 仰焊, 力学性能

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