China Mechanical Engineering ›› 2010, Vol. 21 ›› Issue (8): 904-907.

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Critical Speed Calculation of Rigid Rotor Supported by AMB

Wang Hongtao;Guo Leilei;Wan Li;Yu Suyuan 

  1. Tsinghua University,Beijing,100084
  • Online:2010-04-25 Published:2010-05-05



  1. 清华大学,北京,100084


A simplified method to simulate the AMB rotor was presented based on its design feature.The finite element package Samcef Rotor was employed to create the axisymmetric model of a rigid rotor and obtain the critical speeds and modals.In addition,the relationship between the critical speeds and the bearing stiffness was also analyzed.The numerical results and conclusions can offer an important basis for the arrangement of AMBs and sensors and the design of the AMB control system.

Key words: active magnetic bearing(AMB), rigid rotor, rotor dynamics, critical speed


针对磁力轴承支承转子的结构特点提出了一种用于分析该类转子的简化处理方法,并使用Samcef Rotor有限元软件建立了某刚性转子的轴对称模型,计算得到了转子的临界转速及振型。研究了该转子的临界转速与磁力轴承支承刚度的关系。计算结果及相关结论将为磁力轴承和传感器的布置以及控制系统的设计提供重要依据。


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