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Experimental Study on Ultrasonic Vibration Lens Assisted Laser Drilling

SHEN Cheng;ZOU Ping;KANG Di;WANG Wenjie   

  1. School of Mechanical Engineering,Northeastern University, Shenyang, 110819
  • Online:2020-11-10 Published:2020-11-16



  1. 东北大学机械工程与自动化学院,沈阳,110819
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Abstract: In order to study the effects of ultrasonic vibration lens assisted on the quality and efficiency of laser drilling, the YLR-1000 continuous laser and the self-designed ultrasonic vibration lens auxiliary device were used to study 304 stainless steel sheets, respectively, with different defocusing amounts, laser power, drilling time, and ultrasonic amplitude were compared with or without ultrasonic vibration assisted laser drilling. In the experiments, the VHX-1000E super depth of field microscopy system was used to detect the workpiece, and the experimental results were analyzed with the aperture, heat affected zone radius, hole taper, hole depth and splash height as the main indicators. The results show that the ultrasonic vibration lens assisted improves the processing quality and efficiency of laser drilling in general.

Key words: laser drilling, ultrasonic vibration assisted processing, comparative experiment, micropore forming quality

摘要: 为研究超声振动透镜辅助对激光打孔加工质量和效率的影响,采用YLR-1000连续激光器和所设计的超声振动透镜辅助装置,以304不锈钢薄片为研究对象,分别在不同离焦量、激光功率、打孔时间、超声振幅情况下进行有无超声振动辅助激光打孔对比实验。实验采用VHX-1000E超景深显微系统对工件进行检测,并以孔径、热影响区半径、孔锥度、孔深和堆砌高度为主要指标分析实验结果。结果表明:超声振动透镜辅助可从总体上提高激光打孔的加工质量和效率。

关键词: 激光打孔, 超声振动辅助加工, 对比实验, 微孔成形质量

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