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Study on Process Optimization and Properties of PLA/HA Composites by SLS

LIN Kesheng;LIU Jie;ZHANG Yuanling;YAN Chunze   

  1. State Key Laboratory of Materials Processing and Die & Mould Technology, Huazhong University of Science and Technology, Wuhan, 430074
  • Online:2020-10-10 Published:2020-10-20



  1. 华中科技大学材料成形与模具技术国家重点实验室,武汉,430074
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Abstract: PLA(a biodegradable material) and HA(the main inorganic component) were used as research objects. In order to obtain the optimal parameters of SLS parts of composite materials, the SLS process of pure PLA was optimized firstly. It is found that the tensile strength of pure PLA prepared by SLS are over 23 MPa when the laser energy density range is as 0.040~0.075 J/mm2, and the highest strength is as 27.28 MPa. The PLA/HA composites with different HA contents were processed with laser energy density of 0.040 J/mm2, laser power of 12 W and scanning speed of 1 500 mm/s, to study the influences of HA contents on the microstructure and mechanics properties of PLA/HA composites. The experimental results show that the composite with 10% mass fraction HA has the best mechanics properties and micromorphology. The water contact angle tests also exhibit that the contact angles of the materials decrease from 69.52° to 57.96°, which indicate that the hydrophilicity of the materials is improved.

Key words: polylactic acid(PLA), hydroxyapatite(HA), selective laser sintering(SLS), forming parameter, contact angle

摘要: 以生物可降解材料聚乳酸(PLA)和生物骨基质的主要无机成分羟基磷灰石(HA)为研究对象。为获得复合材料激光选区烧结(SLS)制件的最佳成形参数,首先对纯PLA的SLS工艺进行了优化,发现最优的激光能量密度范围为0.040~0.075 J/mm2,且制得的纯PLA试样的拉伸强度均超过23 MPa,最高可达27.28 MPa。为研究HA含量对PLA/HA复合材料微观结构与力学性能的影响,以激光能量密度为0.040 J/mm2(激光功率12 W,扫描速度1 500 mm/s)对不同HA含量的PLA/HA复合材料进行了成形。实验结果表明,当HA质量分数为10%时,PLA/HA复合材料的力学性能和微观形貌最优。水接触角测试显示材料的接触角从69.52°降至57.96°,表明材料的亲水性能得到了改善。

关键词: 聚乳酸, 羟基磷灰石, 激光选区烧结, 成形参数, 接触角

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