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           China Mechanical Engineering is the Transactions of Chinese Mechanical Engineering Society, sponsored by Chinese Mechanical Engineering Society, and supervised by the China Association for Science and Technology. China Mechanical Engineering was founded in 1990 and it is a semimonthly magazine.

          The predecessor of China Mechanical Engineering(CME) was The Hubei Machinery, which was founded in 1979. It was renamed as Mechanical Engineering in 1983. Approved by the former State Science and Technology Commission, the sponsor of China Mechanical Engineering became Chinese Mechanical Engineering Society (CMES). It became the Transactions of Chinese Mechanical Engineering Society(CMES) at that time and was supervised by China Association for Science and Technology. Then it was renamed as China Mechanical Engineering in 1992. In 1998, it became monthly magazine from bimonthly magazine and was published semimonthly in 2002. After more than 20 years, it grew up from a local journal to an outstanding national journal, then to a famous journal(High-Level Academic Chinese Journals, High Visibility High-Level Journals, National Periodical Award, Chinese Core Journals, 100 Chinese Outstanding Academic Journals, Ten Famous Journals in Hubei, Ten Famous Periodical Achievement Award in Hubei, National Top 100 Science and Technology Journals).
          China Mechanical Engineering aims to publish the significant progress in the field of mechanical engineering, report the latest academic information of the community of Chinese Mechanical Engineering Society, spread the international major scientific and technological mechanical engineering achievements, constantly track the latest world trends of mechanical engineering, focus on the knowledge structure improvement of the mechanical scientific and technological personnel. It also aims to explore the scientific development trend, promote the communication of academic achievements, improve the quality of scientific and technological personnel and promote the progress of scientific and technological for enterprises. The main columns include mechanical foundation engineering,intelligent manufacturing,sustainable manufacturing,advanced material processing engineering,service-oriented manufacturing,micro-nano machinery,additive manufacturing, overview of the subject,and so on.It characterizes with deep connotation, wide vision, strong adaption, excellent taste and solid foundation. It commits to promote the integration of academic and engineering world, the unity between universities(research institutes) and enterprises. 
          China Mechanical Engineering editorial committee (fifth) has124 experts and scholars from domestic and foreign in the field of mechanical engineering, including in 22 academicians of Chinese Academy of Science(CAS) and Chinese Academy of Engineering(CAE). With the authoritative editorial committee, China mechanical engineering is able to reflect latest high-level mechanical scientific and technological achievements of China, and to guide the development directions of mechanical engineering science and technology in China.
          China Mechanical Engineering is gained not only academic recognition but also the trust of industry. The directors of the fourth board consist of Dongfeng Motor Corporation and other large and medium-sized machinery industry enterprises, Tsinghua University and other famous universities. The director affiliates not only provide important support for the publication of the magazine, but also have a productive cooperation with the journal.
          The China Mechanical Engineering sticks to its own characteristics and has successfully completed its report plans from beginning. It has achieved good economic and social benefits and made good contributions to innovation and development in science and technology for industry. Thus, it is popular to many readers. The experts from the supervision department appreciated the quality (including impact factor, citation frequency, funded paper ratio, new technology, traditional and modern technology), editing quality(including proofreading quality, standards and information density),printing and publishing quality(including prospective rate, printing quality and violation) are excellent, which gain the high evaluation of the industry supervision departments. Our journal is indexed and abstracted by foreign famous retrieval system such as EI Compendex, Scopus, AJ, Inspec/SA,CA,CSA,JST and major domestic index systems. With the unremitting effort of all colleagues of our journal, China Mechanical Engineering has made a great effect in the industry and readers. It has received many awards.
          China Mechanical Engineering is published on 10th and 25th every month, 24 phases in a whole year and used large 16mo paper in great binding quality. It is issued by the Wuhan Municipal Press and Publication Bureau and also issued by China International Book Trading Corporation internationally. It has profound influence in domestic and overseas academic circles.
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