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Review of Product Modular Design from Perspective of Green Manufacturing

CHENG Xianfu1;ZHOU Jian1;XIAO Renbin2;LIU Junjie1;YOU Minhua1   

  1. 1.Key Laboratory of Conveyance and Equipment,East China Jiaotong University,Nanchang, 330013
    2.School of Artificial Intelligence and Automation,Huazhong University of Science and Technology,Wuhan,430074
  • Online:2020-11-10 Published:2020-11-16



  1. 1.华东交通大学载运工具与装备教育部重点实验室,南昌,330013
  • 基金资助:

Abstract: The implication of green product life cycle was expounded, and the characteristics related to environmental attributes of each stage and the association relationship in green product life cycle were analyzed. A classified summing-up was carried out for currently existing multi-methods of green modular design. According to the different emphases of each stage in green product life cycle, the green manufacturing modular design were divided into several aspects: modular design for product life cycle, modular design for green design, modular design for environmental conscious, modular design for remanufacturing, modular design for disassembly, modular design for maintenance, modular design for recycling, modular design for reuse, and other modular designs. Then, its corresponding modular design methods were reviewed and analyzed. Finally, the challenges for further research efforts were prosected.

Key words: modular design, green manufacturing, green product life cycle, green design

摘要: 阐述了绿色产品生命周期的涵义,分析了绿色产品生命周期各阶段的特性及关联关系,对目前存在的绿色模块化设计技术和方法进行了分类总结。根据绿色产品生命周期各阶段研究侧重点不同,将目前绿色制造模块化设计归纳为面向产品生命周期模块化设计、绿色设计模块化设计、环境意识模块化设计、再制造模块化设计、可拆卸模块化设计、维修模块化设计、回收模块化设计、重用模块化设计及其他模块化设计,并对其相应的模块化设计方法进行了综述分析。最后展望了今后的研究趋势。

关键词: 模块化设计, 绿色制造, 绿色产品生命周期, 绿色设计

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