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Submission Guidelines
Paper list for China Mechanical Engineering included in EI Compendex(2017-)
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     Submission Guidelines
Submission Guidelines
1. Publication ethics and malpractice statement
2. Content of papers
3. Format of papers
4. Submit flow of papers

Detailed contents are as following:

1. Publication ethics and malpractice statement
In order to purify the academic environment and protect favorable academic ecology, our journal will conduct rigorous detection and selection for each paper during the processes of refereeing and publishing. The paper which is regarded as academic misconduct will be blamed seriously.
(1)Detection platform and detection objects. Academic Misconduct Literature Check (AMLC) system of China National Knowledge Infrastructure (CNKI) was used as detection platform for our journal. (link: All the paper are detection objects including the paper which is suspected as academic misconduct.
(2) When using AMLC system to detect paper, for the repetition rate of paper is over 30%, it will be rejected directly. For the repetition rate of paper is between 20%~30%, the detailed detection report should be formulated and submitted to reviewers during the refereeing, and the properties and forms of repetition will be judged by reviewers. For the paper which is suspected as academic misconduct by readers will be detected by AMLC system to obtain detailed data and detailed report, and the properties and forms of repetition will be judged by reviewers.
(3) The Criterion of Academic Misconduct Paper for our journal:
(a) Plagiarize, copy, encroach other's academic achievements, or tamper with other 's research conclusions and become to their own results, or the existence of one manuscript for multiple submissions;
(b) Falsify scientific research data, materials, literatures, annotations, or fabricate facts false research results;
(c) Not participate in the research or creation, but sign the research results or the academic papers, using others' signatures without permissions, and co-signing with fictitious partners;
(d) Quote other’s protected research results without a reference;
(e) Buy and sell papers, write papers by others or write papers for others.
(4) The treatment of Academic Misconduct Paper for our journal:
(a) For the paper which is suspected as academic misconduct, we will inform author immediately and give a chance for author to justify. And then re-judge whether academic misconduct is true;
(b) For the paper which is regarded as academic misconduct and it is not published, the paper will be rejected directly and give a warning to author;
(c) For the paper which is regarded as academic misconduct and it is published, our journal will inform data base to revoke the electronic edition of paper;
(d) Our journal will inform all the authors and their organizations and also tell the victim. At the same time, we will suggest the organization to give the punishment for the author according to their rules and regulations. We will also remind the victim to possess the right for compensation. Our journal will reserve the right to claim compensation if it is caused by reputation or any other loss.
(e) For the author who has following actions, such as serious plagiarize, one manuscript for multiple submissions, take revenge on the whistle-blower, existence of interest exchange, implement  academic misconduct for multiple times, cause serious consequences or bad influences, our journal will reject their papers in the next three years.
(f) For the author who has academic misconduct paper, our journal will document and entry him/her into the academic misconduct blacklist of our journal and reserve the rights to share with the blacklist of other agencies.
(5) Review. If the author is not satisfied with the decision, he/she can apply for review within 10 days from the date of receiving the decision. Our journal will invite experts to review the paper to make a final opinion, and the review results will be informed for author within 30 working days.
China Mechanical Engineering has the rights to interpret the above methods. 

2.Content of papers
China Mechanical Engineering (CMS) reports the significant progress in the field of Chinese mechanical engineering. It reflects the latest scientific and technological development of Chinese mechanical engineering, focuses on the latest and important scientific and technological achievements and information for the enterprise, and explores to the major issues in the field of mechanical engineering and interdisciplinary acadamic communication. The scope of the journal including but not limited to,
(1)The frontier research results of mechanical science, such as the National Natural Science Foundation of China funded projects, provincial funded projects, etc.
(2)Major and key scientific and technological achievements.
(3)Research results with good economic benefits by cooperated work.
(4)Major inventions and achievements;
(5)The new progress of the new technology promoted by China government, the research achievements of common and important technologies for the enterprises' scientific and technological progress, and the achievements of production with the high and new technologies.
(6)Interdisciplinary exchange results in the field of mechanical engineering.
(7)The latest trend and development of international mechanical engineering.
1.Because the external review of the articles is in the double blind review form, i.e., the authors do not know the reviewers and the reviewers do not know the authors., all information related to the authors should be removed when the manuscript is uploaded for the first time. When the revisions is required, the authors’ information will be added.
2.Please give the accurate address, phone number and E-mail. If there is any change, please inform the editorial office in time. Please keep the electronic document after submission.
3.Format of papers
The format of papers adopts GB7713-87 for the scientific and technological reports, thesis and academic papers. The structure of the paper contains title, author, abstract, keywords, CLC number, introduction, main body, reference, all the authors’ introduction, English title, the authors’ English name, the English name of the authors’ affiliates, English abstract and English keywords. A specific sample manuscript is given here,

4. Submit flow of papers 

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